What is Matea Academy?

Our country has significant challenges in terms of youth unemployment, the youth unemployment rate, according to the National Institute of Statistics, rises to 27%. On the other hand, according to the latest report on short-term work in Latin America and the Caribbean, prepared by ECLAC and the ILO, Uruguay ranks third among the 15 countries in the region surveyed in terms of youth unemployment.

This situation is exacerbated in the areas of greatest vulnerability, in Municipality A, where Providencia is located, only 4 out of 10 young people complete their secondary studies, having 28.9% of the population between 16 and 25 years old young people who study, 38.5% that work, 8.6% that study and work, and 24% neither study nor work. Being this municipality the one with the highest percentage of young people who do not study or work in the department of Montevideo.

On the other hand, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development places full and productive employment, and decent work for young people, at the center of the new vision of development. Emphasizing the catalytic power of youth employment in poverty alleviation, economic growth, peace and prosperity for all.

This is why we understand that it is urgent to seek answers and generate proposals that improve access to quality jobs for young people, even more so if they are in a situation of social vulnerability. It is for this reason that through Matea, and in particular the Formation Academy, we intend to contribute to improving the employability rates of the area, offering opportunities for development and job placement for young people in the neighborhood.

Web developer in 15 weeks

At the end of the course our students will be able to develop a complete web application. From design, through programming and reaching the database.


  • Basics of programming.
  • Work methodologies used in technology companies.
  • Source code version management with Git and Github.
  • Web layout.
  • Front-end programming with JavaScript and React.
  • Back-end programming with NodeJs and MongoDB.
  • Development of a real project.
Our methodology strengthens skills such as: teamwork, learning to learn, leadership, time management and, above all, being a lifelong learner.

Dual training and Matea lab

The dual education system is a professional training that combines learning in a company and in an educational center.

At the end of our courses, the students will work on a project for a real client. This project will be under the “Matea lab” program, which aims to develop prototypes that have a social impact.

These projects are a contribution from Matea to the community, at no cost to clients, supporting companies and entrepreneurs who want to prototype an idea that generates a social impact.
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